Spring 2019 Newsletter

As we hopefully enjoy more sunny days and less wet chilly ones, we will be continuing with our longer opening hours – 12 noon until after 4 pm.

Do note that if you are able to arrive during the early part of the afternoon, there is usually a shorter wait to be seen by a healer.

If Tuesdays are not convenient for you at the moment, the good news is that we are shortly having a two-week presence in the Centrale Shopping Centre – find us in the CVA shop on the ground floor between McDonalds and House of Fraser opposite Carphone Warehouse – a window display and, more importantly, a place to have some healing inside the shop.

This exciting “extra” is between Monday 29th April and Saturday 12th May, and as there will be a healer available only at certain times, do ring 020 8688 1751 to secure your appointment, or email info@croydonhealingclinic.org.uk

Then ... more good news ... no appointments will be necessary on Saturday 25th May in the Whitgift Shopping Centre, when we have our annual Healing Day, with Clinic staff available to chat informally, hand out leaflets and offer healing to shoppers – who could include you!

Find us right in the middle of things, Whitgift Square, near the Centre’s Information Desk ... we’ll be there from 9 am to 5 pm or so.

It would be good to see you, either in early May in Centrale, on 25th May in the Whitgift Centre, or on a Tuesday sometime soon ... we could all do with a boost of energy!

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